Matt D'Aquino

matt copyMatt D’Aquino is an, Olympian, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  He is a person who loves helping people enjoy life by encouraging them to chase their dreams and get out of their comfort zone.

As the youngest son of a single parent Matt learnt early on that to achieve your dreams you must work hard and keep your eye on your goal, even when the going gets tough. Matt is a firm believer in the fact that “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going“. He believes with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

His passion in life is to encourage others to chase their dreams and live a big life in whatever they feel called to do. As an Olympian he has a very popular website at where he sells multiple eBooks and DVD’s on the sport of Judo.

Matt is also a motivational and inspirational speaker and is available to talk to youth groups and schools to help inspire teenagers to chase what is in their heart and never let go of dreaming dreams and chasing their best life. Through Matt’s talks he outlines some key principles to chasing your dreams including dreaming big regardless of your age, setting goals, overcoming obstacles and how to keep going – even when the going gets tough.

Through Matt’s presentation you will be inspired to start chasing your dreams harder than you ever had before.

To book a motivational talk with Matt contact him HERE